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Wacky Wednesday

So the AMA has come out and said that obesity is now considered a disease.  I’m not sure what to think of this, but I’m leaning toward, “Really? A disease? Come on now.” That is why I’ve put this in the Wacky Wednesday blog. 

I have too many thoughts about this, so I’m going to let you decide what you think. Here are some articles explaining. I’m inclined to roll my eyes at the whole situation.

Wacky Wednesday

Let me preface this blog by saying that I totally understand that some people are intimidated by gyms because of a small population of people who might attend (body builders, rude and unfriendly skinny people who need a sandwich, etc). I am all for a non-judgmental attitude when it comes to being at the gym, and people shouldn’t feel embarrassed when they walk through the doors. But at the same time, people of all shapes and sizes attend my gym and we all get along  just fine.

Having said that, let’s talk about Planet Fitness and their “no lunk” policy. A “lunk” is a word that Planet Fitness made up to describe someone who drops weights, grunts while they work out, and judges (how does one assess that someone is judging?). I’m assuming this is to describe the people, mostly men, who lift heavy. There is an alarm that goes off whenever someone makes noise while working out or drops a weight. Its called the “Lunk Alarm.” Now, I am by no means a heavy lifter, but I sometimes make noise while I am lifting, and I’m clumsy and drop things.  I would not appreciate an alarm going off in my face for that. And Planet Fitness has a “no judgment” policy…isn’t this alarm in itself, a judgment? Not letting certain people, say bodybuilders, in a place because they might be annoying every now and then, is discrimination and judgmental.  There is a no deadlift policy and the dumbbells don’t go over 60 pounds. Now, I will never need to lift 60 pound dumbbells…ever…but why put limitations on your clientele? I’ve also read that PF has pizza nights, bagel mornings and candy machines. What? Seriously? I guess that’s a way to keep people coming back to your gym…keep them fat. This gym  just showcases what we seem to be striving for lately here in America…mediocrity.

There is also a gym in Canada, the Body Exchange, who only serves overweight women. Skinny and fit women are told to find somewhere else to work out. This comes from the idea that skinny people are “morale killers” and I guess judge overweight women. Like I said before, I totally understand that a lot of people are intimidated by the gym (this is why I run an outdoor boot camp w/ no gym membership required), but to tell someone they can’t work out somewhere because of what they look like is DISCRIMINATION.  Skinnier (and I hate that word, but it applies here) people aren’t always healthier than larger people, and they come with their own body image issues. I know some people who see someone fit and see them as inspiration, not a morale killer. What happens when the larger women get fit and get smaller? Are they asked to leave their gym that they’ve grown comfortable in? And what about the instructors? Are they large or fit? So many questions.

My point with this post is that gyms should not take it upon themselves to “weed out” people who may or may not make someone else uncomfortable. Gyms should be open to everyone because in our ever-expanding waistline society, we are not in the situation to turn down anyone wanting to make themselves healthier.

Stay sweaty, my friends….just make sure to keep it down 😉

Wacky Wednesday

Here’s a look at some exercise fads through the years…the craziest to me: the 1940’s: Exercising can damage your uterus! Well, tell that to my son lol. And the vibrating belt of the 1960’s. If you think that the idea of shaking your fat away is gone, just look to the Shake Weight.

What’s the craziest exercise or fad that you’ve tried? I think, for me, it would be Zumba. I know that this has gotten many a person toned and svelt and it was fun to try, but I just felt silly doing it. Maybe our instructors weren’t Zumba-y enough.

Stay sweaty (and a little crazy), my friends!


Wacky Wednesday

Today’s weird fitness fad is anti-gravity yoga.  All the same twisting and turning and stretching that you’d do in yoga, but you do it hanging from the ceiling! As if the bending and contorting wasn’t hard enough already. Here are some articles on it. If yoga is your thing, try this and let me know if its fun, hard, silly, whatever!

Stay sweaty, my friends!

Wacky Wednesday

This is a new category in the weekly postings…I just have gotten lazy on Wednesdays and haven’t really felt like posting anything. It happens. So on Wednesdays, I’m going to blog about crazy things in the fitness/diet world. I think there are enough things out there to keep me posting for years, but I’ll keep it short. Of course, I’m going to add my two cents (that’s why you read this isn’t it?)

Today’s post is about this new (alright it came out about a month ago) craze for brides. A feeding tube. Really? A feeding tube? Are we really that shallow about fitting into a wedding dress that we are turning to a survival tool for nourishment to lose those extra 10 pounds? The article below interviews a girl who went on the “diet” because she wanted to lose an extra 10 pounds before June. She says, “I don’t have all of the time on the planet just to focus an hour and a half a day to exercise so I came to the doctor, I saw the diet, and I said, ‘You know what? Why not? Let me try it. So I decided to go ahead and give it a shot”  First of all, who says you have to work out for an hour and a half? I have 20 minute work outs that will have you sweating harder and burning more calories than you would even dream of in your “hour and a half” workout (that probably just consists of walking on the elliptical machine and half-assing some weights). I’m sorry, I’m getting a little judgy here. And it doesn’t seem like she did much research…how do you put your body through something like that without even having looked it up?

You only take in 800 calories a day on this thing. That is ridiculously low. I’m surprised these girls can even stand up at their weddings, let alone walk down the aisle. Its all protein and fat and no carbohydrates. Again, how do they have any energy?? “I was tired. I didn’t feel like exercising…I’m a very energetic person, but those days I was a little tired.” No kidding, lady, you weren’t eating anything!! As I’m writing and reading, I’m silently yelling at this woman (silently b/c Little Man is asleep and I don’t want to wake him with my tirade to irritating women.)

I get so mad at women who are out for a quick fix. Why is there a magic number for your wedding anyway? Once you lose weight like this, you put it right back on once you start actually eating, so you’ll go back to looking the same. Your fiance asked you to marry him looking like you do, so why start off the marriage with a lie? Is it so you can look back at your wedding pictures with your kids and say, “Look, honey! Mommy had to go 10 days looking like she belonged in a hospital so she could look “perfect” for one day.” Yeah, that’ll make them proud. Your fiance already thinks you’re perfect for him, otherwise he wouldn’t have asked you to marry him. Don’t get a dress size that’s already too small so you’ll have “motivation.” What if you don’t reach that goal? You’ll feel like a failure and your day is already ruined. Why don’t you get the size you are, exercise to be healthy, and take it in if you need it? That way, you’re not scrambling and hurting your body to fit into a dress you were never supposed to wear in the first place.

The point is, people, lose weight to be healthy and happy….not to fit into some dress you’ll only wear once, on a day that is only one day of your marriage.

Stay sweaty (and safe!), my friends.

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