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2/25/2014 Workout…Leg Day!! major weights

Today’s Leg Day is, once again, brought to us by Jamie Eason. I’m on day 44 of her LiveFit Trainer. I’m doing it right this time, with the eating right and everything. My hubby is doing it with me and we did take before pics and will take during and after pics, too, just so y’all can see IT WORKS. My back is sore from today…I think I just came up wrong out of a squat. Be careful!!! Watch your form!! If you can’t lift it right, its probably too heavy for you…..yes, I’m talking to you Mr. Grunty McArch-your-back. I promise, you’ll still get your workout in if you drop 5-10 pounds. Keep your form!!!

We all have a love/hate relationship with Leg Day, but this is an awesome one. Just grit your teeth and get through it. Your sexy legs will thank you!

Stay sweaty, my friends!

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