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1/27/14 Workout…legs

Want a fantastic leg workout? Here you go! Its a little focused on the hamstrings, but I feel like I can never work those suckers enough! Remember to stretch really well afterward, or you’ll be really hurting tomorrow. I was hurting when I walked out of the gym, even with stretching! (Again, workout is from Jamie Eason Livefit trainer)


Stay sweaty, my friends!

1/21/14 Workout…back and biceps

This is a great workout from Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer for your back and biceps. My biceps are already screaming at me, and I just finished 30 minutes ago. In fact, they were already sore when I walked out of the gym. I’m starting the LiveFit Trainer over again, so this is in the first phase, where she focuses on muscle endurance.

  • Lat Pull Down   3×12  (I did 50 lbs)
  • One armed dumbbell row 3×12  (I used a 15 lb db)
  • Seated cable row 3×12  (I did 50 lbs)
  • Underhand cable pull-down  3×12 (I did 40 lbs, then on the last set, did 50)
  • Alternating dumbbell curls 3×12/arm (I did 12 lbs)
  • One arm db preacher curl 3×12/arm (I did 10 lbs….this one is hard)
  • Standing biceps cable curl 3×12 (I did 30 lbs)

Have fun! If you’re a beginner, don’t go as heavy as possible, you’ll be way too sore. If you’re not a beginner, LIFT HEAVY.

Stay sweaty, my friends!

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