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30 weeks update

Getting bigger!

Getting bigger!

Baby Boy is certainly getting bigger these days! Only about 10 weeks left in this pregnancy. It’s kind of flown by, but I know that the last 10 weeks is the longest. You’re so ready to just be done being pregnant and to hold your baby.

Still trying to work out at least twice a week. In the third trimester, you really shouldn’t life anything over 20-25 lbs (sorry Little Man!), so weights just don’t seem appealing to me. I’m not one to lift the 5-8lb dumbbells, so I’ll probably lay off the strength training until I can workout post baby. So cardio it is! Walking is not working out because it gives me a major cramp in my uterus, so I stick to biking and the elliptical. I usually am not a fan of the elliptical because I think its boring, but pregnant me strangely likes it…even though it makes my belly bounce haha!

Heartburn is really starting to get the best of me…especially after pizza. Dang. I’ve also noticed that I am just sick after any kind of fast food (alright body, I get it!), so fresh is the way to go for me right now. It should always be the way to go, but let’s be real. As an ever expanding baby carrier, sometimes you just want some damn fries. During the week, we (the fam) do pretty good with our meals since I plan them out, but the weekends feel like a free for all. I know its that way for a lot of you out there. You just have to make yourself think about the long term instead of the instant gratification that a Taco Bell taco will bring you. We can do it!!

I’m moving a bit slower…Little Man was running as fast as he could at the park yesterday and Hubby couldn’t even catch him on a scooter, so I was definitely not going to catch that kid. I didn’t know two and half year olds could catch Michael Johnson in a foot race.

Sleeping is interesting these days. When I’m not waking up to move the belly out of a certain position because the baby has made his way to my side, I’m waking up not being able to breathe. Allergies can suck it. I have to sleep with like 100 pillows and Hubby has to deal with the constant shifting of body weight…..and snoring. Sorry babe.

Anyway, that’s an update on how I’m getting along. I hope all of you are still living the fitness dream…please do some burpees for me today! I miss them. I know, I’m a little crazy.

Stay sweaty, my friends!

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