…because real women sweat. Not perspire. Not glow. Sweat.

Let’s be honest…working out while pregnant is hard.

Thanks to those who still read my stuff, even when I don’t post for a while. This pregnancy is making it so blogging is the furthest thing from my mind. Speaking of this pregnancy, I’m getting up there in months…about 6 1/2 now…and its starting to make working out harder. Baby Boy seems to be really low and I know his head is already down, so it just puts a lot of pressure on my lower abdomen and pelvis…and lets be honest, lady parts.

Since I’ve been writing about pregnancy, I want to be honest about how mine is affecting my work out. There are so many conflicting messages out there about working out while pregnant, that I’m sure a lot of women just feel hopeless about it. Just remember, whatever you’re doing, whatever is working for you, is perfect. Even if you can only walk from the couch to the bed, that’s what your body is allowing you to do, so don’t feel guilty.

Being someone that usually goes balls to the wall with my workout, its seriously getting on my nerves that my body won’t cooperate anymore. My workout partner, Tracy, feels the same way. She is about a month away from seeing her little man and hasn’t been able to work out for a while. I know she is just feeling like a prisoner trapped in her own body right now, and its super frustrating. Do any of y’all feel that way? Even if you’re not pregnant? Sometimes our bodies just won’t allow us to do the things we think they should be able to do.

Anyway, I’ve been trying that new Body Combat class I was telling y’all about, and I am unable to do half of it now because it just puts too much pressure on certain areas when I kick. And I get a huge stitch in my side during the cardio part of it, even though, much to my displeasure, I am taking the low modification route.  Walking on the treadmill gives me the same stitch, so even at a low speed, that’s out. The bike is definitely something I can do, but does anyone else find this boring? I was watching a class called 20/20/20 taught by one of my favorite instructors and all I could think was, “When can I do that again?” It was a whole bunch of push-ups, jumping, burpees, and just high intensity stuff.  My brain was saying, “Let’s go try,” and my body was calling her a crazy b****. So I did about 5 minutes on the treadmill (see above) and then 10 on the bike. Then I went to the weight room, my saving grace, and did some full body exercises. I felt pretty good, until it got hot and I was having a hard time catching my breath. So I pushed myself to do a couple more exercises and then left, annoyed.

The whole point of writing this blog is to let you know that everyone goes through times where it just doesn’t seem worth it anymore, and where its too hard to do certain things, but you have to accept yourself for who you are at that moment in time. You have to just keep going, just keep sweating, no matter how little you think you’re doing. I have to accept the fact, that for the next 3 or so months, I just won’t be able to do much, but I will still be moving as much as I can. I have to accept that what’s happening inside me is much more important that what’s happening on the outside. I have to accept the new me, and she’s not the crazy workout monster she used to be (for now).

Stay sweaty, my friends!


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2 thoughts on “Let’s be honest…working out while pregnant is hard.

  1. You are doing great!! My first pregnancy I didn’t workout at all. Before I got pregnant with my 2nd, I really got into working out and staying in shape. So I know how you are feeling about not being able to do what you used to. In time you will get back there. My doctor recommended wearing a maternity belt while walking. I kept getting the same feeling in my side. The belt just helped to take some of the pressure off. It was not attractive at all, but it did the trick!!

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