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New Years Resolutions

Like most fitness blogs, I’m writing about New Year’s Resolutions today. Very expected, I know, but stick with me for a bit.

To me, resolutions are lame and will never work out. Have any of yours ever worked out? You set a resolution, for example, to eat better. Great! Now exactly how are you going to accomplish that? Most resolutions are so vague and generic; they are there to make people feel better about themselves instead of actually being the best self they can be. These all encompassing statements don’t lead anyone in the right direction, they don’t tell anyone how to actually accomplish the feat, and to me, are more harmful than helpful. If you don’t start eating right, you feel bad that you’ve, yet again, “failed” at a New Year’s resolution.

My advice would be to, instead of making a huge statement of how you’re going to be a better person this year, set small, attainable goals for yourself. Instead of saying, “I’m going to eat better,” set a goal to give up sugar for the next couple weeks or month. Or set a goal to cut fast food from your diet, or add more veggies at every meal. Instead of saying, “I’m going to work out more this year,” set the goal to work out three days a week this week. Then set another goal next week. Or set a goal to be able to run a mile by the end of January.  Setting small goals that you can achieve will make your transition to a healthier you much easier and more enjoyable.

Make sure your goals are

  • specific (“I will add three veggies to my meals this week,” instead of “I will eat more veggies.”)
  • attainable (“I will be able to run a mile by the end of January,” instead of, “I will run a 10K by the end of January.”
  • personal (don’t compare yourself to your friend who can run/lift/dance/whatever better than you)
  • progressive (make sure you’re making each step a little more challenging for yourself. If you can run a mile by the end of January, don’t be ok with that, push yourself to two by the middle of March.)

Here is another blog I wrote about setting goals.

Here is a great template to use for your goal setting process from  Goal_setting_form_template

Remember, goals are easier to achieve than resolutions. Good luck and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Kick 2013’s butt!

Stay sweaty, my friends!

Boy oh boy!

Just thought I’d let y’all know that we are having another little boy!! Little Man is going to have a baby brother, and he’s super excited. He wants to name him Car-o or Lightening McQueen, but I think I might just have to put my foot down at that. 🙂

Here's our baby boy at 19 weeks!

Here’s our baby boy at 19 weeks!

Here's mama at 19 weeks

Here’s mama at 19 weeks

Stay sweaty, my friends!

Working out while pregnant 2

Being sick while pregnant is probably the absolute worse thing I can think of right now. I was down and out for about 4 days with a tonsil and lymph node infection, so that meant no working out and basically no anything else. Thankfully, hubby took Little Man to the in-laws and I got to really rest.  FYI, you can take amoxicillin while pregnant 🙂 Keep yourselves healthy during this crazy, germ-filled time.

So here is the next post on working out while pregnant. Let’s talk about things that you really shouldn’t do in terms of exercise while you’re knocked up. As always, make sure to ask your OB before working out.

Who shouldn’t exercise:  You really shouldn’t do much exercise if you have

  • bleeding or spotting
  • a low placenta
  • threatened or recurrent miscarriages
  • a history of early labor (before 37 weeks is considered early)
  • previous premature births (kinda goes with the one above)
  • a weak cervix

Physical changes that may affect exercise:

  • You and your baby require more oxygen, so you may feel more out of breath than you usually do while exercising.
  • Hormones like relaxin make ligaments stretch easier and bones softer, so the risk of injury is higher.
  • Your center of gravity shifts, throwing you off balance, making it easier to fall. (If you’re already clumsy like me, you should really watch this).

Exercises and activities to avoid while pregnant:

  • Holding your breath while exercising. (You shouldn’t do this while you’re not pregnant; it causes your blood pressure to go through the roof.)  BREATHE!!!
  • Activities where falling is likely, such as skiing or horse-back riding.
  • Contact sports, like basketball, football, softball, soccer, etc. (With Little Man, I coached basketball and was out on the court every day with the girls…looking back, probably not the best choice lol)
  • Any exercise that could cause even mild abdominal trauma
  • Extensive hopping, jumping, skipping, and bouncing. (So those of us who like plyometrics, should definitely take it easy on those.)
  • Deep knee bends, full sit-ups, double leg raises, and straight leg toe-touches (those last two should be avoided any way since they put too much strain on the back)
  • Any exercise that has you on your back or right side for too long (3 min is too long). In fact, after the first trimester, its best to avoid laying on your back.
  • Waist twisting while standing
  • Heavy exercise spurts followed by long periods of no activity. Get active and stay active!
  • Exercise in hot, humid weather…sorry Southerners!

Exercises that are great for preggos:

  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Stationary biking
  • Low-impact aerobics
  • Jogging (in moderation and only if you were a runner beforehand)
  • Light strength training

Remember, if you were super active before pregnancy, you can still be super active. Just tone it down a notch, ok? You can still run, but you shouldn’t run a 10K. You can still lift, but don’t try to set any personal records. Crossfitters, pull back a bit and no jumping!!! I’ve had to really keep myself in check…I just want to do a burpee!!!

PS. No burpees…I’m sure all of you are so sad about that.

Stay sweaty, my friends!

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