…because real women sweat. Not perspire. Not glow. Sweat.

11/14/2012 workout…arms

Today I focused on biceps and triceps and a little bit of shoulders. My arms are already feeling it, but that might be because I haven’t been able to work out in a while. These are some great exercises to add to your arm arsenal! You can do all of these with just dumbbells except for the tricep cable push-down, you’ll need a cable machine for that.

I did 8-10 reps with each exercise…lift a weight that will cause you to think you absolutely can’t do anymore after 10 reps (that means more than 3 lbs). I did three sets of each, alternating the exercises.




If you lift enough weight, your arms should feel it when you leave the gym. (or the area where you work out.)  For some of you, this may not be enough, that’s ok, add some more exercises to each section. I’m working my way back up to my “normal” after taking two months off.  For some of you, this may be more than enough, and if that’s the case, take away one exercise. Always modify exercises to your ability.

Stay sweaty, my friends!


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2 thoughts on “11/14/2012 workout…arms

  1. Happy Arm Day!!! I did the in/out hammer curls per your recommendation this morning! They were great! Definitely incorporating them into my regular routine. 🙂

    • I’m so glad you tried them! I love them because they are such a challenge. I can’t lift as much as regular curls yet, but soon. 🙂 My biceps are super sore this morning.

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