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Eating Healthy While Pregnant 2

Last week I told you what you should be eating during your pregnancy months, and today we will go over a list of what you really shouldn’t nom on while preggo. Most of these are due to changes in your immune system, which makes you more vulnerable to food borne illnesses.  While it may not hurt the baby directly, those who have ever had food poisoning knows its not a good situation for anyone.

What to avoid completely:

  • Raw eggs: You really shouldn’t be eating raw eggs anyway because of the salmonella risk, but this is definitely a no-no during pregnancy. Sorry, ladies, no licking the batter after making those yummy cakes and pies for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Unpasteurized juice, milk, cheeses, etc: The process of pasteurization takes out all the yucky bacteria and toxins.
  • Fish like swordfish, shark, tilefish and marlin: These fish are way too high in mercury, which isn’t good for anyone. Sorry, ladies, no shark for dinner. (Has anyone ever eaten shark? I’m curious how it tastes.) Other fish with lower counts of mercury is great during pregnancy and non-pregnant life because of the omega-3 fatty acids (hello, baby brain growth!)
  • Sushi: This is a bit controversial. Some say to avoid it completely, some say to limit it. Sushi may contain illness inducing parasites. I had some sushi the other night, and it was delicious. I am not sick, but I went ahead and took the risk because I was CRAVING salmon sushi. If you don’t want to risk it, but can’t get it out of your head, order a roll that comes cooked.  I’m wondering if Japanese women completely cut sushi out of their pregnancy diets, and if they don’t, then we shouldn’t worry about it either. Just in case though, maybe only once a trimester 🙂
  • Alcohol: Some people will tell you a 4 oz glass of wine is ok, and it may be ok. However, the powers that be still don’t really know how much alcohol leads to FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) and its different for everyone. Just like it takes less for one person to get drunk than another. My opinion is to just to give it up cold turkey. And if you drank a lot before you found out, don’t worry too much about it. With Little Man, I celebrated a Texas Tech win a little too hard the week before I found out, and he is perfectly fine. If it happened before you found out, it doesn’t count 😉

Foods that are OK, sometimes:

  • Caffeine: I talked about caffeine in the last post. Again, no more than 300 mg/day. There are still studies out looking at caffeine as a cause to miscarriages and low birth weight. Enjoy your iced frap mocha-whatever, but limit it to one. 🙂 (My caffeine must haves are chocolate and Dr. Pepper.)
  • Nitrate-rich foods: Hot dogs are included in this list. These foods have additives that are linked to brain tumors and diabetes. Let’s face it, hot dogs aren’t really a stellar nutrition choice anyway. They are, however, a must have at a baseball game. Go easy on the foot-longs, ladies.

Foods that were once banned, but now are ok:

  • Soft cheeses: These cheeses, like brie and feta, are now ok as long as they are made with pasteurized milk. ]
  • Deli meats: As long as they are cooked or heated. If you stick your turkey sandwich in the microwave, or order your Subway toasted, you are good to go! The heat kills whatever bacteria may be lurking in your deli meat.

Remember to wash all your fresh fruits and veggies especially if you don’t buy organic (no judgement, I don’t either), because we don’t know what’s on them.

Good luck ladies!!

Stay sweaty, my friends!


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