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There is no magic fix

I am so tired of hearing radio commercials and seeing TV commercials for magic pills that miraculously take the weight off. I just heard a radio commercial that asked, “Do you have 5-25 lbs of stubborn weight that won’t come off no matter what you try? We all eat fast food and fatty meats that keep the weight on. Try our pill that is better than starvation diets and exhausting exercise!” UGH!!!!!  First of all, the solution is in their commercial. STOP EATING FAST FOOD AND FATTY MEATS!!! Don’t starve yourself. In fact, don’t go on a diet. Just eat healthy foods. And exercise is not exhausting. In fact, studies have proved its the exact opposite. Exercising regularly will give you energy and help you sleep better.

People, there are no magic pills, fancy gadgets, or fairy dust that will help you lose weight and keep it off. The key is a healthy lifestyle. If you’re eating fast food everyday, you won’t lose those 5-25 “stubborn” pounds because you, yourself, are being stubborn. If you aren’t willing to change your lifestyle, your weight will not change. Plain and simple.

And now, I’m off my soapbox. 🙂

Stay sweaty, my friends!

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