…because real women sweat. Not perspire. Not glow. Sweat.

Motivational Monday

I’m still here! Finally getting back into a routine now that hubby has gone back to work. Hopefully I can get to blogging every once in a while again 🙂

Ah, I can feel the hot days of summer melting away and giving in to the cooler days of fall. The smells, the sights, the wonderful temperatures are all reasons why fall is my favorite time of year. Here in Texas we get maybe a month of it, so gotta enjoy it while we can. Fall also means that people, maybe you?, start to go into hibernation mode and stop being so active. DON’T DO IT!  Don’t give into the warm, cuddly sheets…get up, work out, and feel great! You can do it. Here is some motivation for this lovely Monday morning.






Stay out of hibernation mode!

Stay sweaty, my friends.


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