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August goals

You know, getting sick really puts a downer on your working out/eating right goals. Last week (the last week in July), I was sick pretty much the whole week. I worked out once and ate a good amount of sugar. So, I didn’t get to finish my goals in July…bummer ūüė¶ Here’s how they looked:

  1. Be able to complete each workout in my three day leg workout.¬†I was able to get through them, although I have not gone on to the next phase, which is adding more weight and changing some things around. Since I got sick last week, I lost the motivation to do this. I have been working my legs out differently this week, and by the shaking I’m still feeling 5 hours later, I say its working.
  2. Cut all extra sugar out of my diet. This worked for about two and half weeks, with a couple slip-ups here and there. What it made me realize is that I don’t eat a lot of extra sugar anyway, and the type that I do eat is usually when I’m making memories with my son. I don’t really feel the need to give that up anymore, so I will not feel guilty when we are sharing an ice cream, or I’m teaching him how to make brownies. I cut the desire for fruit loops and pop tarts and Dr. Pepper’s out of my life, and I’m good with that. (Although, the occasional DP still is heavenly…and by¬†occasional, I mean once a month.) Now, if you have extra weight to lose, I highly suggest cutting the sugar out of your diet. The sugar memories can wait for when you are at a healthy weight and are exercising on a regular basis (like I am and do).
  3. Try a cleanse.¬†I did not get to this goal. I had it planned for this last weekend and since I was sick, I didn’t feel the need to deprive myself of calories or comfort food lol.
  4. Workout five days a week. Check and check.
  5. Finish all the projects I have around the house. I finished most of them. Including turning an old window into an awesome mirror for my dining room. Now, to get to the pallet that will soon be shelving for pictures and knick-knacks.
  6. Find new, healthy recipes.¬†I did find a great blog on pinterest called The couple recipes I’ve tried have been super yummy.
  7. Blog four days a week. I changed this to four times a week, since I can blog twice a day with my workout of the day and whatever thoughts I have running through my head.  Not fully accomplished, but close enough to where I can live with myself.

So, July was about 70% successful, which I can live with ūüôā I’m going to keep up with a couple of these, like working out 5 days a week and limiting my extra sugar and blogging as much as I can, but I don’t feel the need to list them again. My goals for August are slightly different and will be payed attention to until the day I pick up Hubby. After that, August will be spent making memories with my boys and enjoying Hubby until he has to go back to work. Oh, and we are going to Vegas, and you know what happens there….oh, that’s right, you don’t. ūüėČ

  1. Run 5-7 miles a week. I know this isn’t much for you runners out there, but every time I have a race, afterward, I stop running¬†altogether¬†and have to start training again a month or so before. I have a race at the end of Sept, so if I start training now, I should be good.
  2. No fast food. Now really, the only fast food place we eat at is Chick-fil-a. (Please don’t judge me by my choice of chicken sandwich, its not a political decision, they are just totally delicious.) We eat there at least once a week though. I will still take Logan b/c he loves it, and you have to get creative with where you take your kids to play in the 100+ degree weather. ¬†I just will not eat when we go. I’ll have a protein shake before or after. Or I will just eat the fruit cup, which is just fruit and not processed anything.
  3. Get my house clean and ready for Hubby to come home.¬†I have already started this process, but I feel like I’ve collected so much clutter over this year! It has got to go.
  4. Teach Little Man a different letter each day. This is alphabet month at our house and we are discussing a different letter each day. I’m putting this in the goals bc I will start to slack off if I don’t. We are on B today and have made brownies, eaten bananas and blueberries, played baseball, and talked about words that start with B.

Very short list for this month. The working out will not slack off once Hubby comes home, but we will most likely eat out a lot since he’s only had Army food for a year. Poor guy. Good luck setting and keeping your goals for this month!

Stay sweaty, my friends!


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