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July Goals

I was reading one of my favorite blogs and one of the recent blogs was setting goals for July. I think she called it her July challenge, but I really like the idea of setting monthly goals. They don’t all have to be fitness based (although some of them should be), and some of them can be just to make yourself step outside your comfort zone.  I came up with my own goals for July and since I’m posting them on the Internet, I have to keep up with them. Y’all will keep me accountable.  Since my hubby is coming home from Afghanistan in August, most of my goals will be fitness and diet based so I can knock his combat boots off when he sees me 😉

  1. Be able to complete each workout on the three day leg workout.  I know I talk about this workout all the time, but I’m in love with it and its so freakin challenging! By the end of July, I WILL be doing all the reps, all the sets, all the weights.
  2. Cut all extra sugar out of my diet. I tried this sugar detox thing already and kinda failed miserably. I’m challenging myself again and will stick to it. That means no fruit loops for breakfast, no bites of Little Man’s ice cream, no neighbor’s yummy banana pudding (she brought me some yesterday and it was FANTASTIC!) Natural sugar is acceptable.
  3. Try a cleanse. I keep saying I want to try a 48 hour cleanse, and now I have to since its written down. Mostly, I want to try one so I can give my clients something to try to help them kick start their healthy eating habits. I won’t ever tell them to do something that I haven’t already tried myself.  I also just want to rid my body of some of the crap I know its carrying around. I’m thinking Dr. Oz’s weekend cleanse looks good since its actual food and not just juice. I cannot live on just juice.
  4. Work out all 5 weekdays. Since we started the three day leg workout, I’ve neglected my upper body, abs (well, kinda since they get worked a little with all the jumping), and running. Its time to show some love to the other areas of my body. And since my body needs rest days, they will be on the weekend.
  5. Finish all the projects I have around the house. I have pictures to be hung, pallets to be painted, frames to be antiqued, all taking up space on my counters. Pinterest has made me an ADD crafter lol. And I’m not even a crafter. 🙂
  6. Find new, healthy recipes. I’m a pretty decent cook, but I’m in a rut right now and keep cooking the same things every week. Little Man doesn’t really mind since he only eats part of what I cook anyway, but my taste buds are screaming for something new.
  7. Blog at least four days a week.  I’ve been neglecting the blog, but now that I have things to talk about…cleanses and sugar detoxes…I should have no problem writing about them.

Ok, so those are my 7 goals for July. They seem easy enough, but you know when the thrill of getting started has worn off, it gets hard to keep on track. Wish me luck, and let me know I’ve inspired you to jot down some goals.

Stay sweaty, my friends!


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One thought on “July Goals

  1. Awwww we are so glad you got inspired to do the challenge! GOOD LUCK!!!

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