…because real women sweat. Not perspire. Not glow. Sweat.

Fun-day Friday!

In the new “Days of the Week” themes, Friday will be Fun-day Friday. On Fridays I will post a fun workout I found (actually fun, not just fun for me since I find really hard workouts fun), or something funny, or something fun going on in my life.

Today, in lieu of our workout, Tracy and I decided to let the littles play all morning in her backyard. That means pools, swings, sandboxes, watered-down slides, slip-n-slides….you name it, she’s got it in her backyard. It is like Toddler Wonderland back there. Of course, the mommies got a little slip-n-slide action, too…we can’t pass up a good time. Sometimes, you just have to workout your fun muscles! Here are some pictures of our own Funday Friday.

The littles sliding down the “water slide”

Me throwing Little Man down the slip-n-slide…oh yeah, he loved it!

Such an awkward pose in that pic! Haha! Don’t worry, we still got our sweat on…its hot in Texas. I threw a good 30lbs down the slide about 18 bazillion times, so the upper body got worked. 🙂

Stay sweaty, my friends!


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