…because real women sweat. Not perspire. Not glow. Sweat.


I took my CPT test this Saturday and I passed!! I am officially a Certified Personal Trainer now! Woo 🙂 I took the course and test through The Cooper’s Institute…they are pretty legit. Dr. Cooper is one of the reasons we look at exercising the way we do these days. He’s also pretty inspiring because he’s in his 80’s and still looks like he’s in his 50’s and acts like he’s still in his 20’s. Just another example of why age IS JUST A NUMBER. No need to think that your age will hold you back from being a super star. That test was really the hardest test I’ve taken…including the two tests I took to get certified to be a teacher. (Don’t you think they should’ve been the hardest tests I’ve ever taken? I think that if you want to teach America’s youth, the test you take should be incredibly hard…maybe that’s what’s wrong with our education system….ah! I’m digressing. That’s a whole other topic for a whole other blog.)  So I’m pretty pumped that I’m certified. I’m looking into a whole bunch of different trainings now. First one will be boot camps, then possibly cross fit.

Today’s workout looks the same as last Monday’s. Mile and a half run around the neighborhood with Ab Ripper X at the end. I ran the route in 14 minutes again, but I felt a little stronger than last week. The ab workout was just as hard, and Tony Horton was just as annoying, but its so worth it.

Oh, I signed up for the Gladiator Rock n’ Run…another mud/adventure run! This one looks more extreme and even more fun than the Warrior Dash. Check it out!

Stay sweaty, my friends!


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2 thoughts on “Certified!!

  1. Austin on said:

    Now there are 2 CPT Bird’s

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