…because real women sweat. Not perspire. Not glow. Sweat.

Warrior Dash Awesomeness!

Climbing cargo nets and 50 ft walls, running through a river, jumping over fire, crawling through mud, oh and doing all of that while running a 5K? Must be the Warrior Dash!!

I am so exhausted right now, but it was totally worth it! If you have never tried a mud/adventure run, I urge you to find the nearest one and DO IT!! You will never look at a 5 or 10k the same ever again. This is my third one and I just want to find more. The only problem is this is about the last month you want to be running outside in Texas. We can start up again in September and not have heat stroke as one of our fears.

So, how did our training pay off? I think it absolutely did what I intended it to do. We had the upper body strength to pull ourselves up walls and over huge floating boxes in the water; we had the leg strength to run almost the whole time; and we had the mental capacity to push through when our fears tried to get the better of us. That last one is important.  When faced with an obstacle that scares you, don’t think about….just push through until you are past it. (Sounds like some inspiring life advice, too, right?)

This was Tracy’s first adventure run and she was nervous about all the high obstacles like the cargo net and wall that we had to climb. Being the rockstar that she is, she just faced those fears head on and said, “Get out of my way!” Another shout out goes to my friend Leah. She did the Jail Break with me ( back in Sept, and had just had a baby four months prior.  That right there earns her rockstar status. She wasn’t able to run the whole thing and was upset with her performance (which she shouldn’t have been since she had just DELIVERED A BABY.) This time, she trained hard, and pushed herself and gave a pretty stellar performance. I”m pretty sure she cut her time by like 20 minutes. Her friend, and now mine, Autumn, was rockin’ it out there, too. I”m pretty sure I heard her say a couple times that she couldn’t do something, and then she’d have that obstacle conquered.  Lastly, I have to give two thumbs way way up to the oldest member of our little group, Linda. I’m not sure how old she is (a lady never tells anyway), but she did not show her age at all! She was right there with us the whole way, proving to herself and others that age is just a number and in no way should hold you back.  My friend Cathy and her boyfriend ran this, too, but they were so far ahead of us that I can only assume they rocked out each obstacle. I am so proud of the ladies I ran with today. The feeling of accomplishment is totally worth the scraped knees, cut hands, aching legs, and (bc Tracy and I are idiots and dove head first into the mud pit) bruised sternums and ribs.

Now to crawl into the shower, put on some comfy pj’s, pour a glass of wine and relax……and sign up for the next one!

Happy sweating!


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