…because real women sweat. Not perspire. Not glow. Sweat.

Confessions of a cheater…

I am a big cheater. On my “diet” that is. I put diet in quotes because I’m not on a diet. My diet, as in what I eat, is just more on the healthy side. I’ve been asked by people who I train if I cheat and the answer is a big fat YES. I don’t believe in fully depriving ourselves of the yumminess out there in the world. In order to lead a completely healthy life, you have to be happy, and food makes me happy. There are some ladies at my gym that look phenomenal and have hardly any fat on them. Tracy and I had a discussion about what we think they eat, and I said they had to eat very cleanly to have that kind of muscle tone. She saw one at the grocery store, and sure enough, nothing but greens and veggies and fruit. That’s awesome. I don’t have that kind of willpower, nor do I really want to. Every other Wednesday or so, my son and I will go have some frozen yogurt (no, its not healthy, quit trying to convince yourself of that) or ice cream. I made chicken enchiladas last night, I eat Little Man’s leftover chicken nuggets, and I love me some teddy grahams.  Your next question should be, “Ok, how do you compensate for your cheat moments?” First, I forgive myself for being the silly cheater that I am, move on, and throw myself into a workout the next day and burn off those extra calories. If you’re going to feel guilty about indulging every now and then, what’s the point? You’re just going to go through a shame spiral and that will probably lead to more indulging and that leads to a binge, and that’s what gets us into trouble. The “cheating” is not the problem…its the binge eating.

Now, if you have a lot of weight to lose…I’m talking 30+ lbs, you will want to really limit the times you let yourself indulge. Until you get to a healthy weight and a healthy mindset where you can forgive yourself for slipping up, the indulging will just be a set-back.  You have to get yourself in the healthy eating habit before “cheating” means nothing.  So save the extra calories for something really important, then workout the next day a little harder than you did the day before.

Last thing…because of my love of Wendy’s hamburgers, ice cream, and chocolate, there are a few things I have to accept about my body. It will never be “perfect.” I will always have a slight jiggle in my tummy and my thighs will never be exactly how I want them (but whose thighs really are?). I’m ok with that. I still look the best I’ve looked since high school (and maybe even better since I actually have hips now) and with my healthy view on eating and activity, I’m setting a good example for my son.  That last part is really what its all about…

Happy sweating (and go ahead, have that piece of chocolate)!!


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