…because real women sweat. Not perspire. Not glow. Sweat.

4/10/12 workout…feels good to sweat

We have about a week and a half left until the Warrior Dash and both Tracy and I have been slacking on the workouts lately. Today, we decided to stop making excuses and just get it done. (See my No Excuses blog…I had to reread that to get my ass in gear). Man, it felt good to sweat and work hard. Oh and please remember, if you’re using these workouts for your own benefit, please modify them to your abilities. If you’re just starting out, my weight and reps will probably not work for you.

Warm-up: 10 min jog

1 min work, 1 min rest, 1 time through

  • Squat w/ medicine ball push, 12 lb ball: start in a low squat, holding a med ball at your chest. When you come up, push the med ball up (throwing it with two hands) in the air, catch and squat down again. If you can, throw it high against a wall…we tried that and thought the wall might come down, so we just threw it in the air.
  • Man maker, 12 lbs: start in push-up position, weights in hand. Go down and come back up, then row with one arm bringing your elbow straight up, and then the other arm, jump up to standing and press the weights overhead. Jump back into push-up position. The essential movement is like a burpee, with just other things thrown in
  • Bicep pull-up on a low bar: Go to the squat rack and drop the bar down to about 2 feet above the ground. You should be able to hang under it, arms straight w/o your back touching the ground. Palms facing toward you, pull your upper body toward the bar and lower.  To modify, bring your feet closer to your body…to make harder straighten your legs out.
  • Kettlebell swing, 15 lbs
  • Tricep dip
  • Push-up w/ knee: Basic push-up, once you’ve come up, bring one knee toward your chest and put it back. Next time you come up, do the other leg. This works your lower abs as well as the upper body.
  • Russian twist, 14 lbs
Cool down: 5 min run, 5 min walk
I hope you can understand the explanations. I’ve explained almost all of these before, but I just thought I’d refresh your memory. Some of these seriously burned and it was hard to go the full minute (ahem, bicep pull-up), but if you push yourself, you’ll feel awesome afterward.
Happy sweating!


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