…because real women sweat. Not perspire. Not glow. Sweat.

The Wonder Woman Workout

Hey guys! Sorry for the brief hiatus from writing, but I was struggling with my own motivation issues last week. Kind of ironic, since my last post was about motivation. I couldn’t really find my own. I had plenty of excuses…up all night with Little Man…not feeling good…but really it was a case of the “I don’t wannas.” If I’m going to be honest, I was a little burnt out on working out since I had been doing it 5-6 days a week non-stop. Part of my philosophy is that if you’re going to be healthy, your mind has to be healthy, too. Sometimes, we just need a break. Last Thursday, Little Man and I watched movies and read books all day. It was fantastic. He slept the best he had slept in weeks that night, too. So if you need a break, its ok. You just have to make yourself come back from that break. Today, I came back…with a vengeance. I found an awesome workout for Tracy and I to do. Its called the Wonder Woman Workout. Named so because you feel like Wonder Woman when you’re done.

Do each of these exercises for 30 sec, 5 times in a row. Rest for 15 sec between each set. After you’ve done it 5 times, move on to the next exercise. 

  • Star Jacks: two regular jumping jacks, then an air jack. Really jump on the third jack, make your body look like a star.
  • Double jump lunge, double squat jump: Start in a lunge, jump and switch legs in the air (jumping lunge), land and do another jump lunge. When you land, jump to your right, landing in a squat, then jump to your left, landing in a squat. After 30 sec, your legs will be screaming at you!!
  • High knees with a burpee: Four high knees moving to the right, burpee, four high knees moving to the left, burpee.
  • One and a half push-ups: In push-up position, drop your body down, come up half-way, then back down again, and come up all the way. Its a push-up with a pulse in the middle.
  • Plank twist: start in plank position, bring your left hand to your right hip, twist your body to the left. Come back to plank and do the same thing to the right side.
  • Tricep cat: Start on all fours (cat position). Straighten your right leg, lower your upper body with your elbows going straight back, push up, bring your right knee toward your chest and straighten. That’s one rep. Do 5 reps, then switch to the left side.

My whole body is still screaming at me, and I finished an hour and a half ago. The double lunge, double jump is the worst, but keep pushing yourself through it and you’ll love the results. Tracy and I really had to talk ourselves through those. I love this workout and I’m so glad I got out of my workout funk!

Happy sweating!!


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