Love Out Loud

Love yourself. Love Others. Love Fitness.

Quick story about today’s workout…

This morning, there was a grunter working out in the same area as us. You know the grunter. He has to let everyone know how hard his workout truly is by adding a soundtrack. This guy had me cracking up all morning. At first, I was totally annoyed by it…every rep had a really loud grunt! Even tricep pull-downs, and I’m pretty sure he didn’t even have that much weight on there. Now, I’ve been known to throw out a grunt or two when doing the kettlebell swings, but a noise here and there isn’t that bad. When I can picture what you sound like when you’re getting intimate with a woman (or whatever, I don’t know your life), then you’re going a little extreme. Quit grunting around like a prized pig and just get the workout done. You’re already the size of a house, so we know that you lift heavy objects and put them down. Vocalizing it is just annoying…and a little hilarious.

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