…because real women sweat. Not perspire. Not glow. Sweat.

Get off the hamster wheel!

Seeing that I have to actually run on a trail in a month and a half, I figured today I would get off the treadmill and onto the road. I ran about a mile and a half around my neighborhood complete with some killer hills. If you are training for a race, or if you want a true test of how much you can run, I suggest the same for all of you that are slaves to the treadmill. Since we aren’t hamsters, we are able to get off the wheel and get out of the cage.

Running on the road is a very different from a treadmill, obviously. First and foremost, to me, running on a treadmill is boring!! (I do it, but I’m bored). Running outside gives you something to look at while you’re huffing and puffing. Also, treadmills help you run.  That just makes sense; you are running on something that is moving. On the road, you have to push yourself off the ground with no assistance. Then, there’s the fact that, on a treadmill, you are most likely inside a gym or your house and therefore have no air resistance. Air resistance is going to make running at your normal pace a little more difficult. There’s also the terrain to take into consideration.  On a treadmill, you have a flat surface the whole time. Outside, you are most like on an uneven surface (even on a road) and your muscles react differently to those surfaces.  With all of these factors thrown in, if you need to walk or rest sooner than you would on a treadmill, ITS OK! You haven’t lost your mojo, you’re just putting it to use in a different way.

So mix it up, guys! If you run three times a week, make one of those a road run. Let’s leave the wheels to the hamsters.

Happy sweating!


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