…because real women sweat. Not perspire. Not glow. Sweat.

2/27/12 Workout…back to the grindstone

It felt so good to be back at the gym again. After my workout on Friday (or was it Thursday? I can’t remember), Little Man started feeling bad again. Without going into too much detail, the diapers were bad and I didn’t trust them to stay clean while I worked out. Plus, I didn’t want to be THAT mom who exposes other children to whatever her kid has. Little Man was great this morning, so we packed up and headed to the gym. No work out partner, because whatever Little Man had, Tracy had it 10x worse. She’s just getting over it today. Her hubby had it too…apparently our little circle is carrying the Plague around.

Our training schedule has been thrown off a little because of all this sickness, but not to worry, I had an week built into it for just such an occasion. This week will be a little weird, but next Monday we can get back on track. Today was a fairly easy day. I ran the latest interval routine that I made, and then did a couple full body strength exercises. Here is the interval training in case you’ve missed it before:

  • Min 1-8  Warm up  (mine is a 3.5-4)
  • Min 8-13 Moderate intensity (baseline)  (5.5 for me)
  • Min 13-14 Moderate high intensity (7.0)
  • Min 14-16 Baseline (5.5)
  • Min 16-17 High intensity (8.0)
  • Min 17-19 Low intensity (3.5)
  • Min 19-22 Baseline (5.5)
  • Min 22-23 Sprint (9.0)
  • Min 23-26 Baseline (5.5)
  • Min 26-27 Low intensity (4.0)
  • Min 27-30 cool down (3.5)

Now remember, you don’t have to do my numbers, they are just there as an example. If you haven’t been running very much, your sprint might be an 8.

The full body workout was just three exercises, 1 minute work, 1 minute rest, 2 times through.

  • Medicine ball slam: Hold a medicine ball above your head, squat down and slam the ball down at the same time. As you stand, bring the ball above your head again. Repeat. (This might take a couple seconds to get a good rhythm down)
  • Man Maker: Start in push-up position with each of your hands on a dumbbell.  I chose 10 lbs. Do a push-up, come back to push-up position, pull one elbow straight up holding the weight, put it down, pull the other elbow up. Stand up and press both dumbbells over your head. Get back down to push-up position. (Modify by doing the push-up on your knees and using a lower weight)
  • Kettle bell swing

The Man Maker made me feel awesome, and I’m pretty sure I got some approving glances from the guys in the gym haha. Take that fellas! Again, it felt amazing to be back in the gym. I now realize how much I rely on that time to de-stress and just have some me time. Being trapped in a house with a sick 20 month old isn’t very conducive to alone time. Remember, don’t use a setback as an excuse to quit completely. Recognize the setback, deal with it, then go full steam ahead once you’re able.

Happy sweating!

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