…because real women sweat. Not perspire. Not glow. Sweat.

2/21/12 Workout

I just realized there is nothing but two’s and one’s in today’s date.  Ah, the little things that make you laugh. Anyway, today I amped our intervals up to 30 minutes and changed the intensity a little bit. At one point, we run at a 9 for a full minute, and I’m not going to lie, it was a little intimidating. Tracy was a little nervous because she tweaked her knee yesterday during plyos, but we still tried it and totally rocked it out. This just goes to show you that your body can do things that your mind thinks it can’t. Never be afraid to try. The only way you fail at life is if you never try. Here’s our new interval routine for the next couple weeks (I’m going to put what intensity you should be at and use our speeds as examples):

  • Min 1-8,  warm-up speed, 3.5-4.0
  • Min 8-13, moderate speed, your baseline, where you feel most comfortable, 5.5
  • Min 13-14, moderately high intensity, 7.0
  • Min 14-16, back to baseline, 5.5
  • Min16-17, high intensity, 8.0
  • Min 17-19, low intensity, 3.5
  • Min 19-22, baseline, 5.5
  • Min 22-23, sprint, 9.0
  • Min 23-24, low intensity, 3.5
  • Min 24-26, baseline, 5.5
  • Min 26-30, cool down, 3.5 and below

At minute 17, I had planned for us to stay at baseline again, but we had to bring it down a little lower than that, so I adjusted it. I had planned for us to do a minute at 9 twice, but I don’t think we are ready for that yet, and I was worried about Tracy’s knee. This just shows you that you can modify and tweak things as you workout. Pay attention to your bodies, listen to them.

After our exhilarating run (I say exhilarating because knowing you can run at a 9.0 on the treadmill for a minute is a huge adrenaline rush), we did a quick lower body workout.  Work for one minute, rest for one minute, two times through.

  • squats, 40 lbs (Tracy did no weight b/c of her knee, I add this because I want those of you with injuries to know you can still rock it out, but there’s no need to hurt yourself further.)
  • lunges, no weight
  • dead lifts, 40 lbs
  • wall sit

Good luck and happy sweating!!


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