…because real women sweat. Not perspire. Not glow. Sweat.

“Who is torturing you like that?” 2/17/12 workout

“Who is torturing you like that?” This came out of a girl’s mouth as she watched Tracy and I do our first plyometric workout in our Warrior Dash training. I laughed when she said this and proudly raised my hand. Although, we don’t really see it as torture; we like to work out and like to push ourselves. The girl and her grandpa (or dad, we really couldn’t figure it out) watched us for a bit, shook their heads and moved on to their not as awesome weight routine.

Plyometric exercises aim to improve your ability to use your strength more rapidly. They work on explosiveness and agility. When you’re doing these exercises, your goal is to touch the floor or ball or whatever you’re using the least amount of time possible. For example, with tuck jumps, your feet stay on the floor only as long as needed to jump up again. Since plyos are so high in intensity, your rest time in between exercises should be longer. It is recommended that you use a 1:10 ratio, meaning if you do an exercise for 20 seconds, you should rest for 200.  Tracy and I rested for as long as it took for us to catch our breath, usually just over a minute.  A word to the wise, if you are just starting a workout routine, plyos are probably not for you right now. They are pretty intense. If you want to start incorporating them into your routine, start with lower intensity exercises like squat jumps and tuck jumps.

This was our workout today. We did 10 reps of each and did it two times through.

  • Warm-up on treadmill 10:00 (a warm-up with plyos is crucial)
  • Squat jumps (lower your body into a squat and immediately jump as high as you can throwing your arms in the air)
  • box jumps (find a platform, it can be as low as a step, and face it. Then lower your body into a squat, immediately jump up onto the platform, step off and repeat)
  • lateral box jumps (stand to the side of the platform and jump onto the box, step off, repeat)
  • tuck jumps (jump into the air bringing your knees toward your chest)
  • zigzag hops (find a line or something similar on the floor, and start on one side, with both feet jump to the other side and continue in a zigzag motion)
  • drop jumps (start at the top of a platform and step off, as soon as your feet hit the floor, jump as high as you can, step back onto the box, repeat)
  • medicine ball drop (your partner will stand on a platform and you lay with your head at the base of the platform, hold your hands at your chest, your partner will drop a medicine ball into your hands, catch it and throw it back up as quickly as possible)
  • Stretch

A word to the wise with the medicine ball drop: make sure your partner drops the ball toward your chest and not your face. Its pretty scary the first time you do it and if the ball falls through your hands, it doesn’t feel good. Yes, I’m speaking from experience.
Good luck and happy sweating!!

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