…because real women sweat. Not perspire. Not glow. Sweat.

2/1/12 Workout

Quick workout with the hubby today before we head to Costa Rica tomorrow. Hubby did a quick chest work out and I did a quick upper body workout. We both ran for 20 minutes before hand. I did the same treadmill intervals I’ve been working on for a couple weeks now. Great news…I can do it all now!! This is about my 4th time running it and it was still not easy, but I wasn’t dying at the end. I call that progress.

My upper body workout was all done on the upside down bosu. The reason I use this a lot is to work on my balance. When you make your body keep still on something that should throw off its balance, you work smaller muscle fibers and your core gets a great workout.  I did these for 30 seconds each and then rested for a minute and did it again.

  • Bicep curls, (2) 12 lb dumbbells, 30 sec
  • Bent over rows, (2) 12 lb dumbbells, 30 sec
  • Overhead tricep extension, (1)12 lb dumbbell, 30 sec
  • Upright rows, (2) 12 lb dumbbells, 30 sec
  • Lunge w/ overhead shoulder press, (2) 12 lb dumbbells, 30 sec (only one leg on the bosu at a time)

When you combine exercises like that last one, you get the ultimate calorie burn.

Abs were Russian twists w/ 8 lb medicine ball, overhead straight leg crunch w/ 8 lb medicine ball, crunch w/ 8 lb medicine ball, and up downs in plank position (start in push-up position, then drop to one elbow, then the other, then raise onto one hand and then the other to end in push-up position).

There will be no posts for 5-6 days since I’ll be in Costa Rica. You guys keep up your awesome work and I’ll see you in a week.

Blogs to look forward to:  Working out on vacation, what to eat before and after a workout, working out while pregnant, and no excuses. 🙂

Go get sweaty!


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