…because real women sweat. Not perspire. Not glow. Sweat.

1/28/12 Workout

My bootie is yelling at me today because of yesterday’s workout. So what did I decide to do? Work her more so she’d get off my back!!! haha!  Fun fact about today’s trip to the gym: HUBBY WAS THERE!  He didn’t do what Preggo and I did, but he got his sweat on pretty good. Preggo almost punked out on me, but at the last minute felt good enough to work and rocked it out.

After a 15 minute run (walk for Pregs), we did a good all-over body circuit. 30 seconds for each exercise and 2 rounds.

  • Bicep curls, 20 lb bar, standing on an upside down bosu
  • Tricep dips, 10 lbs in lab
  • Push-ups
  • Bent-over dumbbell rows, 10 lbs in each hand, standing on upside down bosu
  • Side shoulder raises, 8 lbs in each hand, standing on upside down bosu
  • Elevated lunges, first round-front leg is elevated, second round-back leg is elevated
  • Hamstring press on stability ball
  • Squat walk with resistance band , forward round one, backward round two, explanation below
  • Squat w/ leg lift
  • Abs: Russian twists w/ 8 lb medicine ball
  • Abs: Over head straight leg crunch, 8 lb medicine ball
  • Abs: Elevated plank

The hubs was a trooper and did the abs with me. Preggo is still laying off ab work for good reason, so I was glad to have someone to do them with. Hubs needs to work on his core a little 😉 haha!

-Squat walk with resistance band: Truth, you will feel completely retarded when you do this, but your buns will thank you. Start in a wide squat and walk, tapping your foot each time it comes down. Now do it backwards. Its awesome.

For you beginners and intermediate work-out queens, leave out the bosu for your curls, rows and raises. If you want to work extra hard, throw it in there. Throwing off your balance works the tiny muscle fibers that lifting weights don’t get. Just be uber careful when getting on and off the bosu. Its a tricky little devil.

Now let’s get sweaty!


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