…because real women sweat. Not perspire. Not glow. Sweat.

1/27/12 Workout

Today’s workout is brought to you by Butts and Guts at PowerHouse Gym in Weatherford. My favorite instructor Melissa teaches it. It is 30 minutes of, well, butts and guts lol. Its pretty awesome and your legs are burning afterward. She had us doing stations today. Each station was a minute long with no rest in between. That no rest give you your cardio workout. Keep that in mind when you’re working out. The shorter the rest between reps, sets, whatever, the higher your heart rate. Today we did donkey kicks, screamers, plank, side plank, squats, wide squats….and more. I can’t even remember everything because it went so fast. If you live in Weatherford, I suggest you check this class out.

My posts will be a little sporadic for the next couple weeks. (Does anyone else always think of Brittany Murphy in Clueless when they say “sporadic”?)  The hubby is coming in for his R&R from Afhganistan! In a week, we will be going to Costa Rica for 5 days, so don’t expect a blog at all during those days! Be on the look out for an entry on stretching (suggested by my lovely friend Rachel), and workouts to do in hotel rooms. No, not those kind of workouts. 😉

Get sweaty my friends!



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