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Saturday’s Workout

Today my friend Ashley was my workout partner. She wanted to see what it was like to sweat with me. I don’t know if she’ll be back. MUAHAHAHA! đŸ˜‰ She worked through it like a champ though! Everything we did, we did for 1:00 intervals, if we needed to, we switched legs at :30.

  • 5 minute warm-up on the treadmill, 3.5 speed, 2.0 incline
  • Walking lunges with 10 lb weight
  • Mountain climbers
  • Side-step squats with 10 lb weight
  • jumping jacks
  • One leg hamstring press on the stability ball (I’m actually not sure what to call it, but it works)
  • burpees
  • Static lunges with back leg elevated
  • high knees
  • squat jumps onto step
  • jumping jacks
  • One leg dead lift with 10 lbs
  • high knees
  • donkey kicks
  • Mountain climbers

The stability ball hamstring press looks like this: put one foot on the ball with knee at a 90 degree angle, the other leg is straight up with your foot flexed, with the leg on the ball raise your butt off the ground, pulse. Switch legs. You can do this on the ground if the ball is too much right away.

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