…because real women sweat. Not perspire. Not glow. Sweat.

A little detour in the sugar challenge…

If y’all will recall, a couple days ago, I challenged myself to no sugar for a week. I was doing so well, until last night. Last night was pizza night at my friend Tracy’s parents’ house. I usually take my son over there every other week or so because her little girl is his BFF. Last night, she had some exciting news to share and asked me to be there to share in the frivolity. She’s pregnant..YAY! But I was tempted into eating some pizza…boo.  I know its not the most sugary substance on earth, but I do know that marinara sauce has sugar in it, and the dough has to be sweetened a little. So, not the biggest detour, but a little one that I thought I’d share with my readers. Just wanted to show you that I’m HUMAN! haha. Now, back to the challenge.

The poptarts are actually totally out of my mind. I see them in the pantry and shrug my shoulders and flip my hair at them. (They are still in my house because my son eats them once or twice a week for breakfast. Only one and he has to have fruit with them.) The thing that I could really go for right now is some dark chocolate. Dark chocolate, in small quantities, is actually kind of good for you. Its loaded with anti-oxidants. So, if you need a little pick me up, grab a square of dark chocolate. If you are doing the no-sugar thing, like me, Cutie Oranges are the perfect little sweet snack. They are super easy to peel, too!



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