…because real women sweat. Not perspire. Not glow. Sweat.

No sugar for a week…I might die.

My husband is coming home on leave in a week or so and in about two weeks, we are going to Costa Rica. I am super pumped about this vacation not only because I haven’t seen my hubby since Sept, but also because we will be on the beach all by ourselves! No kiddo! I love my son, but being a full time mommy with no breaks wears on you. Serious props to the real single moms out there.

Because of this trip and the bathing suit I have to put on, I have decided to challenge myself and try not to eat any processed sugar for a week. I wish I could say my diet doesn’t normally include a lot of sugar anyway, but there are the weekly ice cream trips to McDonalds with the little man (or frozen yogurt, but that might as well be ice cream), there are the pop tart cravings after I put him to bed, and of course, the peanut M&M’s after a grocery trip.  The only sugar I will allow myself to have is the natural kind found in fruits and veggies. I already feel like the more I think about it, the more I want it. Kind of like that old psychology trick, when you’re told not to think about a white bear, the ONLY thing you see are polar bears. Well, my polar bears will be wearing chocolate collars and walking on coconut snow. Wait, scratch that, sugar snow, I hate coconut.

I’m hoping the week will turn into two. I know my biggest challenge will be my son’s food. All you moms know that when your kids don’t finish something, what do you do? You EAT IT!! Maybe Logan will have to come on my journey with me. So wish me luck!!

Now let’s get sweaty….and de-sugarized. (It is so a word.)


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One thought on “No sugar for a week…I might die.

  1. Love it already!

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